Health Policy Corner: Supporting Informal Caregivers

By Ranak Trivedi, PhD  and Ambri Pukhraj, MS An aging society places increasing emotional, physical, and financial demands on informal caregivers. These are family members and friends who provide significant, unpaid help to patients suffering from illnesses. This is not a trivial issue since 50 million Americans identify as informal caregivers and together provide $470 billion worth of unpaid services.1 Reliance on informal caregivers is set … Continue reading Health Policy Corner: Supporting Informal Caregivers

Peer-Recommended Resources: Movies and Documentaries

This month, we asked members to submit suggestions and recommendations for chronic illness related movies/documentaries and television shows, for caretakers, patients, students, and professionals. Thank you to all the members who submitted resources. Click the links below, or search for the titles in web browsers. If you would like to share additional resources on this topic, please add them in the comment section below so … Continue reading Peer-Recommended Resources: Movies and Documentaries

President’s Column

By Justin M. Nash, PhD We are who we are and who we are is quite remarkable. We, the Society for Health Psychology that is, have membership that is reaching all-time highs (topping out at over 3,400). There are 130 members actively working on 15 councils and committees.   One-hundred and sixteen of our members are involved in editorial roles producing seven different publications and communications. … Continue reading President’s Column

From the Editor’s Desk

By Adrienne A. Williams, Ph.D. When I first became editor of The Health Psychologist, I was pretty nervous about finding contributors for the recurring column “Health Policy Corner” for every issue.  At that time, I did not know very many people working on health policy as it relates to psychology, and it seemed that only a small number of psychologists were activity following and trying … Continue reading From the Editor’s Desk

Early Career Professionals Corner: Managing Change in Early Career

By Kristen J. Alston, Ph.D. From undergrad, to nervously awaiting grad school acceptance letters, to managing the gut-wrenching anxiety of match day and relocating to a new city to start internship, to gathering your things and traveling across country for postdoc, to finally settling into your first job…change and uncertainty have become a constant in our lives. However, regardless of how often we are faced … Continue reading Early Career Professionals Corner: Managing Change in Early Career