President-Elect Candidate: Barbara Andersen

Thank you for this nomination and the potential opportunity to contribute to the Society and its missions. My position is Distinguished University Professor at The Ohio State University (OSU) with appointments in Psychology and Ob-Gyn (joint) and OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center membership.  My biobehavioral research uses multiple levels of analysis in observational and intervention trials with oncology patients with gynecologic, breast, or non-small cell lung … Continue reading President-Elect Candidate: Barbara Andersen

President-Elect Candidate: Ravi Prasad

Maximizing health outcomes requires bi-directional relationships among clinical practice, education and scientific discovery, and Psychology stands out among other healthcare specialties in exemplifying how this should manifest. Psychologists do an excellent job of making this effort visible in the broader healthcare arena as evidenced by the prominent role of psychological interventions in treatment guidelines and policy statements. Despite these accomplishments, there is still much that … Continue reading President-Elect Candidate: Ravi Prasad

Treasurer/Secretary Candidate: Marquisha Lee

I am honored to be nominated for Treasurer-Secretary of the Society for Health Psychology (SfHP). I am a Clinical Director in the Primary Care Mental Health Integration Clinic at the Fort Worth VA Community-Based Outpatient Clinic. I work with an amazing interdisciplinary team to improve access to care for Veterans and increase collaboration between mental health and primary care. In addition, I have been involved … Continue reading Treasurer/Secretary Candidate: Marquisha Lee

Treasurer/Secretary Candidate: Kristen Schneider

I am honored to run for Treasurer/Secretary of the Society for Health Psychology. I am an Associate Professor of Psychology at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science and conduct intervention research on increasing physical activity in populations that often struggle with physical activity (e.g., adults with diabetes, depression or a lower limb amputation). I joined APA and the SfHP in 2009, and became more … Continue reading Treasurer/Secretary Candidate: Kristen Schneider

Member-at-Large Candidate: Stephanie Fitzpatrick

I am happy to accept this nomination for Member-at-Large within one of my primary professional homes, the Society for Health Psychology (SfHP). I am an Investigator at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research and my research focuses on embedding behavioral interventions for obesity and chronic disease management in clinical care settings. I have expertise in development, implementation, and analysis of behavioral interventions, including use … Continue reading Member-at-Large Candidate: Stephanie Fitzpatrick

Member-at-Large Candidate: Adrienne Williams

It is an honor to be nominated to serve as Member-at-Large for the Society for Health Psychology (SfHP). I am an Associate Professor of Clinical Family Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine where I supervise and educate family medicine residents, psychologists, psychology interns, and LCSWs.  Clinically, I specialize in sexuality and gender, focusing on sexual trauma, sexual dysfunctions, and gender-affirming … Continue reading Member-at-Large Candidate: Adrienne Williams

Division Representative to APA Council Candidate: Julie Radico

It would be my honor to serve as a Representative to the APA Council for the Society for Health Psychology (SfHP). I would steadfastly serve as an advocate for SfHP. I have been active in SfHP since 2015, and I am currently serving SfHP in roles as Program Chair for the 2020 APA Convention, on the Early Career Psychologist (ECP) Council, and on The Health … Continue reading Division Representative to APA Council Candidate: Julie Radico

Division Representative to APA Council Candidate: Amy Williams

SfHP’s role in APA and in the country is to support and advance the profession of Health Psychology in the clinic, research labs, APA, and political realm. I am compelled to represent and engage SfHP membership in advocacy for our profession at all tables. I would be honored to be elected and serve as Council Representative for SfHP at the APA Council of Representatives. As … Continue reading Division Representative to APA Council Candidate: Amy Williams