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Points of Intervention for Health Psychology Along the Cardiovascular Health Continuum

Allison J. Carroll, PhD Research Associate Center for Prevention Implementation Methodology (Ce-PIM) for Drug Abuse and HIV Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Dating back to the 1970s, it was observed that patients with cardiovascular disease have higher than expected rates of depression, anxiety, and behavioral concerns (Cassem and Hackett, 1971; Cay et al., 1972). By the 1990s, it … Continue reading Points of Intervention for Health Psychology Along the Cardiovascular Health Continuum

Graduate Students and Mental Health

Self-Care and Mental Health in Graduate School

Jessica Naftaly, M.S. Chair SfHP Student Advisory Council Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science   Graduate students wear many “hats” throughout their graduate career. Depending on the day, one may wear the research hat, the educator hat, the therapist-in-training hat, the student hat, or the leadership hat. Outside of school, graduate students serve in various other roles that require just as much time and … Continue reading Self-Care and Mental Health in Graduate School

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New Health Psychology Publications

Books Delamater, A.M., and Marrero, D.G. (2020). Behavioral diabetes: Social ecological perspectives for pediatric and adult populations.  New York, NY: Springer. Articles  Andersen, B.L., Valentine, T.R., Lo, S.B., Carbone, D.P., Presley, C.J., Shields, P.G.  (in press).  Newly diagnosed patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer:  A clinical description of those with moderate to severe depressive symptoms. Lung Cancer. Appel, H., Ai, L. A., & Tingir, S. (2019). Missed appointments of hypertension patients … Continue reading New Health Psychology Publications

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2020 Society for Health Psychology Candidate Statements

The next SfHP Election of Officers will take place from approximately April 15-May 31, 2020. SfHP Full and Fellow members for 2020 are eligible to vote (affiliates and students are ineligible to vote).  Ballots will be issued electronically through the APA Elections Office.  Reminders to vote will also be posted on the SfHP listservs and included in the “Update for 38.”  Eligible members who do … Continue reading 2020 Society for Health Psychology Candidate Statements

President-Elect Candidate: Barbara Andersen

Thank you for this nomination and the potential opportunity to contribute to the Society and its missions. My position is Distinguished University Professor at The Ohio State University (OSU) with appointments in Psychology and Ob-Gyn (joint) and OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center membership.  My biobehavioral research uses multiple levels of analysis in observational and intervention trials with oncology patients with gynecologic, breast, or non-small cell lung … Continue reading President-Elect Candidate: Barbara Andersen

President-Elect Candidate: Ravi Prasad

Maximizing health outcomes requires bi-directional relationships among clinical practice, education and scientific discovery, and Psychology stands out among other healthcare specialties in exemplifying how this should manifest. Psychologists do an excellent job of making this effort visible in the broader healthcare arena as evidenced by the prominent role of psychological interventions in treatment guidelines and policy statements. Despite these accomplishments, there is still much that … Continue reading President-Elect Candidate: Ravi Prasad