President-Elect Candidate: Barbara Andersen

Barbara Andersen
Barbara Andersen

Thank you for this nomination and the potential opportunity to contribute to the Society and its missions.

My position is Distinguished University Professor at The Ohio State University (OSU) with appointments in Psychology and Ob-Gyn (joint) and OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center membership.  My biobehavioral research uses multiple levels of analysis in observational and intervention trials with oncology patients with gynecologic, breast, or non-small cell lung cancers or chronic lymphocytic leukemia.  Having been at this for some time, my research has made significant contributions from basic science to the dissemination/implementation (DI) of interventions in settings ranging from private practice to large medical centers/VA hospitals.

Upon reviewing DI studies in health psychology recently I found, much to my surprise, that while being outstanding in basic science and initial testing of interventions we have been less adept in communicating advancements to clinicians or aiding the DI of empirically supported health psychology treatments.  Reciprocally, there are few pathways for clinicians’ knowledge of health psychology problems/behaviors and their experiences with treatment to inform health psychology science.

My aim as President aim would be to foster collaborative, win-wins for researchers and clinicians.  Achievable strategies might include formation of working groups charged with short term actions/long-term plans for joint APA sessions, CEs, and “state of the science/practice” communications.  With you, there will be no shortage of good ideas.  My longer-term hope would be to move the needle a bit for all to experience and benefit fully from the science and clinical impact of health psychology advances.