Member-at-Large Candidate: Adrienne Williams

Adrienne A. Williams
Adrienne A. Williams

It is an honor to be nominated to serve as Member-at-Large for the Society for Health Psychology (SfHP).

I am an Associate Professor of Clinical Family Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine where I supervise and educate family medicine residents, psychologists, psychology interns, and LCSWs.  Clinically, I specialize in sexuality and gender, focusing on sexual trauma, sexual dysfunctions, and gender-affirming care.

My strong commitment to my professional home, SfHP, has included serving as editor of the Society’s newsletter, The Health Psychologist, Chair of the SfHP Anniversary Task Force, and on the Early Career Psychologists (ECP) Council.  Throughout my service, I have sought to increase communication, collaboration, and a sense of community within health psychology. My key initiative on the ECP Council was to start local networking events, and with the help of many volunteers, local Society networking events are now a regular feature of SfHP and have taken place throughout the country. On the newsletter, I worked to increase member involvement and collaboration through several new columns, and successfully increased readership by over 60%. The Anniversary Task Force initiated community activities including the #ThisIsHealthPsych social media challenge, which continues annually. Our work on this Task Force was formally acknowledged with an SfHP Presidential Citation.

If elected, my goal is to create programs to further support members, help members expand their networks, and create a stronger sense of community within SfHP. I ask for your vote to continue building lasting programs that serve our members.