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Recognizing Member Achievements

During the August APA Council of Representatives meetings, Council affirmed the following new Society for Health Psychology Fellows:

Bradley Cardinal, Oregon State University
Julianne Holt-Lundstad, Brigham Young University
Barbara Ward-Zimmerman, Glastonbury, CT

In addition, you may not be aware that APA does not have a mechanism to recognize Affiliate members as Fellows, so the Society for Health Psychology created a new category of achievement to recognize our international colleagues for their contributions to the field.  We designate them as “Distinguished International Affiliates.”  For 2018, the Society has recognized:

Yiqun Gan, Peking University
John Weinman, Kings College, London

Finally, at each annual Membership Meeting, SfHP announces the newly-Board Certified in Clinical Health Psychology. Members are also reminded that the leadership of the American Board of Clinical Health Psychology offers SfHP members a rebate of their initial ABPP application fee, once they have successfully completed the board-certification process in clinical health psychology. The new Clinical Health Psychology ABPPs include: 

Bonnie Jeanne Betts, PsyD; Robert A. Carels, PhD; Stephanie J. Cox, PhD; Jennifer Lea DelVentura, PhD; Nicole Jeanette Franklin, PsyD; Julie N. Germann, PhD; Wesley P. Gilliam, PhD; Kimberly Ann Haala, PhD; Lisa Renae Hardesty, PhD; Elizabeth A. Imbesi, PhD; Lisa Marie Ingerski, PhD; Jennifer Kilkus, PhD; Danielle Koby, PhD; Lori Ann Lackman-Zeman, PhD; Sarah Bankoff Leone, PhD; Erin Millard, PsyD; Deidre B. Pereira, PhD; Kathleen Shay, PhD; Amy K. Silberbogen, PhD;  Jennifer Leah Steiner, PhD; Jeri Turgesen, PsyD; Carla Melanie York, PsyD; and Kathleen Marie Young, PhD