person's hand dropping a ballot into a box with the word "vote" printed on it

Be the Change You Wish to See

Every November, APA asks you to “apportion” 10 votes to some combination of divisions and state associations.  Those votes determine the number of Council Representatives for each division and state association.

The Society for Health Psychology (Division 38) is one of the largest divisions in APA – yet relatively few eligible members exercise their right to apportion votes for APA Council seats.

The Council of Representatives is one of APA’s most important governance bodies, with the power and authority to shape APA’s policies. It is critical that our Society and its members continue to inform discussions of health priorities within APA’s long- and short-term planning.

Recently, a small surge in apportionment voting helped the Society earn a third seat on APA Council – but that seat will only be retained if apportionment levels remain stable or increase!

Full and Fellow APA members will receive an electronic ballot on November 1 (with voting continuing through December 16). Your votes can make a difference – and it only takes a minute or two!

So, please, vote this year, and if you can, give all 10 of your votes to the Society for Health Psychology (Division 38). Help give Health Psychology a stronger voice in APA!