Proposal to Increase Member Benefits

The Society for Health Psychology (SfHP) is the largest professional home for health psychologists in the United States. The Society enriches the lives of health psychologists, is the most recognized venue for the dissemination of health psychology research, and serves as an avenue for developing the next generation of health psychologists. SfHP welcomes clinicians, educators, researchers and policy-makers at every level of training.

After considerable discussion and analysis of the fiscal needs of the Society, the SfHP Executive Committee voted to bring a proposal to the membership for an increase in our annual dues. If the membership votes to pass the proposal, the Society will be able to maintain its current activities and pursue new strategic initiatives. If approved, the dues increase would go into effect beginning in 2021.


  • SfHP has not had an increase in membership dues since 2005. SfHP has made every effort to fiscally respond to the rising cost of inflation to date and at this point needs to request a dues increase.      
  • The operational costs for SfHP have also steadily risen, due to efforts by the organization to engage in new activities on behalf of health psychology such as rebranding the SfHP to increase visibility, website enhancements, mentoring programs.
  • SfHP would like to pursue new initiatives as well as provide additional resources to support the career development of trainees, early career professionals and leaders within the Society to attend key activities. Goals for the future are an improved website, enhanced platforms for disseminating evidence-based interventions and research findings to members, a new journal on education and training in health psychology, continuing education opportunities, diversity initiatives, strategically designed special interest groups, and increased collaboration with other divisions and entities invested in Health Psychology.
  • SfHP’s annual budget in 2019 projected an income of $339,000.  The anticipated amount of major expenditures is $350,156 resulting in a deficit.       Expenditures include administrative support, executive board meetings, journal, newsletter, website, social media, and multiple miscellaneous expenses (e.g., committee, awards, travel, networking events, student initiatives). These budgetary figures are being shared to ensure members are fully informed about the costs associated with maintaining the infrastructure and activities of SfHP.
  • SfHP has and will continue to focus on ways to manage costs and to generate new revenue. We welcome your ideas and invite you to share them by contacting Barbara Cubic, Ph.D., SfHP Treasurer, at or Barbara Keeton, Administrative Officer, at

Membership Benefits

Why is SfHP membership of value? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Access to SfHP’s listserv discussions which provides the opportunity to consult with and be mentored by nationally recognized Health Psychologists
  • Access to resources on the SfHP website which includes resources for students and early career professionals, health psychology briefing sheets, resources on diversity, job postings and training resources including access to the Integrated Primary Care Curriculum
  • Subscription to SfHP’s journal, Health Psychology, a premier journal published monthly focused on advancing the science and practice of evidence-based health psychology and behavioral medicine
  • Webinars, teleconferences, and other training opportunities
  • The SfHP newsletter, The Health Psychologist, published three times a year
  • Professional networking opportunities, including both in-person events in cities throughout the US and our on-line Connections program
  • Participation on SfHP committees and the SfHP Board to build leadership skills and shape the future of health psychology
  • Opportunity to reward recent graduates with a free year of membership through our “Congratulate your Graduate” initiative
  • Advocacy on behalf of Health Psychology, within the American Psychological Association and with outside entities, such as the National Institutes of Health
  • Opportunities for special recognition through SfHP’s various award programs
  • Grant funding opportunities for students


Proposal Current Dues vs. Proposed Dues


Current Full and Fellow SfHP members present at the upcoming Membership Meeting, to be held Saturday, August 10, 2019 beginning at 3:00 pm (McCormick Place Room S102bc) will be asked to vote on the proposal.

The SfHP Executive Committee truly values our members and remain resolved to be careful stewards of the Society’s finances. We look forward to your continued membership. If you have any questions regarding this dues increase proposal please don’t hesitate to contact Barbara Cubic, PhD, SfHP Treasurer, at or Barbara Keeton, Administrative Officer, at


Barbara Cubic, PhD, Treasurer
Society for Health Psychology