Recognizing Member Achievements

During the August APA Council of Representatives meetings, Council affirmed the following new Society for Health Psychology Fellows:

Youngmee Kim, PhD, University of Miami
Adam Leventhal, PhD, University of Southern

In addition, you may not be aware that APA does not have a mechanism to recognize Affiliate members as Fellows, so the Society for Health Psychology created a new category of achievement to recognize our international colleagues for their contributions to the field. We designate them as “Distinguished International Affiliates.” For 2018, the Society has recognized:

Blaine Ditto, McGill University
Louise C. Masse, University of British Columbia
Urs M. Nater, University of Vienna
Brian Oldenburg, Monash University
Ryan Rhodes, University of Victoria

Finally, at each annual Membership Meeting, SfHP announces the newly-Board Certified in Clinical Health Psychology. Members are also reminded that the leadership of the American Board of Clinical Health Psychology offers SfHP members a rebate of their initial ABPP application fee, once they have successfully completed the board-certification process in clinical health psychology. The new Clinical Health Psychology ABPPs include:

Melissa D. Baker, PhD, ABPP; Laura K. Campbell, PhD, ABPP; Jennifer L. Ferrand, PsyD, ABPP; Paul G. Hartman, PhD, ABPP; Natalie F. Heidelberg, PhD, ABPP; Sarah C. Jenkins, PhD, ABPP; Lisa R. Matero, PhD, ABPP; Stacy Ogbeide, PsyD, ABPP; Julie Radico, PsyD, ABPP; Laura E. Roush, PhD, ABPP; Danielle L. Terry, PhD, ABPP; and Marie C. Weil, PsyD, ABPP