2018 Excellence in Health Psychology Mentoring Award – Mark A. Lumley, PhD

Mark A. Lumley, PhD
Mark A. Lumley, PhD

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce Dr. Mark Lumley, a Distinguished Professor and the Director of Clinical Training at Wayne State University. I have known Mark for the past seven years in various capacities; as a graduate student mentor, course instructor, clinician, Director of Clinical Training (DCT), and now a colleague.

Mark has been a very active graduate student mentor and DCT of the clinical psychology program. He has mentored 39 of his own PhD students and as the DCT helped to mentor another 120 PhD students. His own students are now employed in various health psychology and other positions around the nation and some are even in other countries around the world.

Mark has always supported students to pursue their own research interests, rather than his own, including research on sexual health, exposure therapy to treat traumatic stress in Iraqi refugees, emotional risk factors for substance abuse in chronic pain, and meta-communication in the therapeutic process, just to name a few. When he’s not an expert on a topic, he will dedicate himself to learning with you while mentoring you.

Mark’s encouragement and support for doctoral students to complete their own original research for dissertations is noteworthy. This includes mentorship in research design from conceptualization, to data collection, to analysis. To date, he has mentored 20 students’ small scale randomized clinical trials, one of which remains my proudest achievement to date — my own dissertation project.

Most importantly, Mark has a unique mentorship style that I am constantly trying to adopt. He tries to both support and push students to their maximum potential.  He does this with great empathy, strong conviction and insight into his student’s abilities. From him I have learned to value myself as a person, clinician, and researcher, and how to utilize that empowerment to pursue my goals.

He initiated that learning process for me seven years ago, when I arrived in Detroit after a long flight from my home in Palestine, without family or friends in the area. There I found a home in Lumley’s lab. I cannot be more grateful for the unwavering support, mentorship, opportunities, challenges, and care that I found in Mark and the lab family he created, which has immensely facilitated my professional growth. I am very proud and honored to be here and present Mark with this much-deserved Excellence in Health Psychology Mentorship award: Dr. Mark Lumley.

By Maisa Ziadni, PhD