Susan H. McDaniel, PhD

Susan H. McDaniel, PhD
Susan H. McDaniel, PhD

Candidate for Division Representative to APA Council (2019)

It didn’t turn out as I expected. My presidential years at APA were dominated by the Independent Review.  However, we did manage:

1) an IPC Alliance summit: 83 leaders from 28 primary care associations forged a collective agenda

2) a Work Group that developed a graduate-level interprofessional IPC seminar curriculum; and another that created consensus regarding integrated specialty care definitions and promotion.

3) establishment, with the Board of Scientific Affairs, of an APA Award for Team-based Science, and

4) an American Psychologist Special Issue on the Science of Teams (to be published this year).

We are now in a critical time for Council to work on health policy. I would be honored to be your Council representative.  If elected I will:

  • bring my expertise to APA’s new Strategic Plan development.
  • ensure that health policy issues are front and center in APA during this process
  • use my expertise and network to ensure that policy makers and other health professionals recognize the critical role of health psychology science and practice

My day job is as the Dr. Laurie Sands Distinguished Professor of Families & Health, Director of the Institute for the Family in Psychiatry, Vice Chair of the Department of Family Medicine, Director of the Physician Faculty Communication Coaching Program across the University of Rochester Medical Center, and Director of the Primary Care Psychology track of our Postdoctoral Fellowship. My life’s work is psychology in health care. I live it. I breathe it. I enact it. We need to legislate it.