San Francisco

Annual Convention Preview

126th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association
August 9-12, 2018
San Francisco, CA

Stephanie L. Fitzpatrick, Ph.D., Program Chair

Greetings from the Society for Health Psychology (SfHP) Program Committee! First, let me take a moment to extend a sincere thank you to the many SfHP members and new recruits who volunteered their time reviewing abstract submissions! The process of planning the program for the meeting would not be possible without you.

Although August may seem far away, the 2018 APA Convention will be here before you know it! We’re excited about the program and the outstanding health psychology science, practice, and professional development opportunities that it will offer.

Our invited addresses and symposiums reflect this year’s theme, “Health Psychology’s Contribution to Better Understanding and Addressing the Needs of the Underserved in Health Care” including:

  • Dr. Justin Nash’s Presidential AddressChallenges of the Underserved in Integrated Care Settings: Implications for Design of Services
  • Dr. Parinda Khatri’s Keynote AddressMoving the Needle in Population Health: Integration of Behavioral Health Into Safety Net Primary Care Settings
  • Dr. Beverly E. Thorn’s Keynote AddressSimplifying Biopsychosocial Pain Management Approaches for Disadvantaged Populations: Reducing Literacy and Cognitive Demands
  • Dr. Ana J. Bridges’ Invited AddressHow Integrated Primary Care Can Reduce Behavioral Health Disparities for Culturally Diverse, Underserved Populations
  • Dr. Bhrett McCabe’s Invited Address – The Psychology of Rehabilitation from Athletic Injury: Implications for Health Psychologists

The SfHP Councils and Committees will also be active at the Convention this year, with symposia and conversation hours sponsored by the Clinical Health Services Council, International Relations Committee, Health Research Council, Diversity Council, Education & Training Council, Health Policy Council, the Student Council, and ABPP.

You can look forward to learning more about these and the other programming in future SfHP and APA communications. We look forward to making the full schedule available in April at:

Convention registration will open in April 2018, and we encourage you to register early for the best rates! Registration and hotel reservation information will be available at:

We hope you’ll be joining the SfHP and your colleagues in San Francisco this year!