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Welcome to the new initiative to help disseminate peer-recommended resources that are shared on the SfHP (Div38) list serve. To let us know what you think about this new initiative, to request a future topic, or to share other resources, please email

This month, we asked members to submit resources for families of patients with newly diagnosed common chronic health conditions (e.g. diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia). Thank you to all the members who submitted resources. If you know of additional resources that you would like to share with your colleagues on this topic, please add them in the comments section below so our list of peer-recommended resources keeps growing.


Resources for families of patients with newly diagnosed common chronic health conditions

Dr. Kenneth S. Pope, Ph.D. ABPP has put together this site which contains 25 book recommendations, 70 recent articles, and over 50 websites for families and caregivers.

We also received several links to resources to better inform patients and families about conditions from the National Institutes of Health.





Lewy Body Dementia:

Alzheimer’s Disease:

Parkinson’s Disease:



Chronic Pain:


Thanks to Colleen A. Redding, PhD and Valeria Martinez-Kaigi, M.S. for helping with this section.


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