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Adrienne A. Williams, PhD
Adrienne A. Williams, PhD

Adrienne A. Williams, PhD

Since my last column, I have been repeatedly impressed by the increased interactions and support as a community among Society for Health Psychology (SfHP) members. First, as mentioned in my previous column, SfHP members were asked to join the 2nd annual #ThisIsHealthPsych social media challenge on March 8th (3/8 for Division 38).  Health psychologists accepted the challenge, with over 80 posts on Twitter alone (other social media sites were not analyzed) using the hashtag #ThisIsHealthPsych.

Additionally, SfHP members participated in the March for Science on April 22, 2017. They collaborated their participation through the DIV38 list serve, and shared their photos for this issue of The Health Psychologist (THP). Members also supported each other in sharing resources through a new initiative responding to questions on the DIV38 list serve with resources published in THP. For this issue, members responded to a request on the DIV38 list serve for resources for families of patients with  newly diagnosed health conditions.

There are additional ways to be interactive with SfHP. If you have you heard about the SfHP networking happy hours that have occurred in Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, Tampa, Austin or other cities and wished one would occur in your city, let the membership committee know. They will try to connect you with other interested SfHP members in your area and provide you with resources to help make the event a success. Contact Kristin Schneider at to learn about the process for organizing a SfHP networking happy hour.

If you are looking to broaden the scope of your health psychology position advertisements, consider sharing them on the Society for Health Psychology LinkedIn page.  You can either email the ad directly to the social media committee (email: or, if you have a LinkedIn account, post it directly in the Society for Health Psychology group. Health psychologists who are looking for positions should also remember to check out this page for postings.

For students, the SfHP Education and Training Council has put together a page on suggestions for applying to internships. Click here to access this new shared resource.

I am excited to see these increased interactions, as I believe members engaging collectively with SfHP will make it a stronger and more effective organization. I am looking forward to seeing and meeting many of you at this year’s annual APA Convention in Washington, DC, where there will be other opportunities to interact, network, and collaborate with other members.