Travel Awards for Outstanding SfHP Poster Presentations

Congratulations to the winners of the
2016 Travel Awards for Outstanding SfHP Poster Presentations

Shuchang Kang, of the University of Florida, for “A Culturally Sensitive Church-Based Health Promotion Intervention for African Americans”

Melissa A. Kwitowski, of Virginia Commonwealth University, for “Stakeholders’ Perspectives on School Food Policies in a Title-I Elementary School”

Anna G. Larson, of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, for “Mindfulness Facilitates Psychological and Physical Functioning After Stem Cell Transplantation”

Tyler C. McDaniel, of the University of South Carolina, for “Gene-Environment Interaction Predicts BMI in Underserved African American Adults”

Kyle A. Schofield, of Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus, OH for “Emotional Adjustment to Congenital Heart Disease: The Role of Perceived Health Competence”

Jaime L. Williams, of the University of Florida, for “Impact of a Health-Promotion Program on Employees’ Motivators of and Barriers to Healthy Behaviors”