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Society for Health Psychology Call for Programs

Society for Health Psychology (SfHP) is excited to invite program submissions for the 2017 APA Annual Convention, in Washington, DC, August 3-6.

This year’s theme is “Broadening the Visibility and Impact of Behavioral Sciences in Healthcare and Health Policy.” Over the past several decades, evidence-based research has shown that behavioral lifestyle interventions result in greater improvements in patient health outcomes and are more cost-effective than traditional medical management approaches. Thus, the field of health psychology and the role of clinical health care providers in integrated care is a critical area for future national impact.

This year’s theme focuses on outreach as a field and building important collaborations on a national level.  Given the growing evidence base showing that behavioral interventions are efficacious, there is clearly a need to demonstrate effective ways to translate and disseminate these evidence-based interventions into existing programs and systems so that these interventions reach individuals at a population level. We encourage program submissions that demonstrate effective means for translating evidence-based behavioral interventions into real world settings and which have the potential to impact population health.

We also invite programs focused on advancing the science of health psychology, which includes the promotion of health and wellbeing and prevention and management of illness and disability. This includes evidence-based applications of health psychology across the lifespan, as well as basic research to continue to expand our understanding of critical mechanisms and biopsychosocial processes that influence health and well-being.

The deadline for submissions will be December 1, 2016 through the APA website (www.apa.org). We look forward to your submissions, and to seeing you at next year’s meeting.