Health Psych Connections

Some of you may not be aware that the Society for Health Psychology (Division 38) has a professional networking program, called Health Psych Connections. The goal of the program is to connect Division Members, Fellows, Professional Affiliates, and International Affiliates with other members who have volunteered their expertise to help address questions related to clinical practice, research, and general professional development. At this time, the program is not open to students/trainees.

These connections are intended to be fairly time-limited: many last a phone conversation or two; however, some connections have continued for longer periods. If you are interested in being matched with a connection, would like to serve as a short-term mentor in the future, or want to find out more about the program, visit the Connections site here. If you are interested in reading about some recent matches to get a better sense of the program, please see the Mentoring Spotlight column in past issues of The Health Psychologist.