From the Student Council Representatives

Lisa Auster-Gussman, Chair
Jennifer Warnick, Chair-Elect
Megan Grigsby, Past Chair

First, we are very pleased to welcome five new members to Student Advisory Council! Hannah Holmes (Membership), Natasha DePesa (Membership), Allison Carroll (Communication), Valeria Martinez-Kaigi (Communication), and Angela Gutierrez (Diversity) will join our existing council members to work on student-oriented initiatives for the Society.

The Student Council is excited to announce several upcoming events and initiatives!

Over the past year, we have been developing our Student Council Campus Representative Program, which is aimed at enhancing student professional growth. We are actively recruiting a campus representative from each graduate program that has an emphasis or track in health psychology. We already support over 60 campus reps. The student’s primary responsibilities are to communicate SfHP activities to students and faculty members in his or her program and to coordinate a yearly SfHP sponsored event (Brown Bag or social event) on campus. We hope this program continues to provide more opportunities for students to get involved in SfHP.

The most significant recent change in the student council is that we have decided to officially allow campus representatives the opportunity to apply for open student council positions each year. We wanted to increase graduate student involvement from multiple universities and decided that the best way to do this would be to no longer require that applicants of student council be nominated by the board directly, and instead, give campus representatives the opportunity to apply as well. So, in addition to each student representative being the ground level communication at their institution for SfHP, we also now view the position as a stepping stone to a student leadership position within the society.

One of the major initiatives of the student council this spring and summer will be to use the new SfHP website to re-vamp our connection to the health psychology community. This will include participation from all of our committees. We see technology as a way to connect to new and potential new members, communicate better with our members and the broader community, and promote diversity in terms of both personnel and topics of research aimed at the study of diversity and health disparities. We see the new website as an opportunity to increase the approachability and usability of the resources we have to offer. We hope to expand communication through posts and forums where graduate students can voice ideas and share concerns.

We are also very excited to be participating in Anniversary year celebrations (Happy 38th!). We plan to head up the “38 seconds or less” social media video clip campaign, and we encourage all of you to get involved once we launch! These videos can be about anything SfHP/Division 38 related. Ideas included: tips from a professor, 38 second on current research you’re doing, health tips (science based), tips to stay healthy (could be personal tips), and tips for new graduate students.

As always, we welcome your ideas and suggestions. Please let us know your needs or ideas by emailing us at