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President’s Column

Alex Rothman, PhD What makes a professional society successful? Is it the number of members it attracts?  Although membership size may be a marker of success, numbers alone are likely not sufficient.  In a successful society, members are active and engaged, demonstrating directly and indirectly with their efforts that they support the goals and mission of the organization and are willing to be part of … Continue reading President’s Column

From the Editor’s Desk

Andrea Bradford, PhD This issue marks the second anniversary of The Health Psychologist as a web-based publication! I would like to extend heartfelt appreciation and thanks to Barbara Keeton, Keith Cooke at APA Division Services, Alex Rothman, Jerry Suls, and our many recent contributors for their essential support to turn our updated newsletter concept into a reality and sustain its growth. I’m also delighted to … Continue reading From the Editor’s Desk

Candidate Statements: President-Elect

William B. Gunn Jr., PhD Assistant Professor, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth I am honored and excited to be nominated for President-Elect of Division 38-Society for Health Psychology. The Society, as a leader in health care reform, is uniquely positioned to influence how psychologists contribute to better health care outcomes for patients and families. The Society promotes cutting-edge health science research and its application … Continue reading Candidate Statements: President-Elect

Candidate Statements: Member-at-Large

Teresa E. Fecteau, PhD Health Psychologist, Durham VA Medical Center Assistant Professor, Duke University Medical Center I have long been interested in actively serving the Society for Health Psychology (SfHP), an organization that has afforded me opportunities for collaboration, continuing education, and professional development. Recently serving as Program Chair for Division programming for the 2015 APA Convention was immensely gratifying and solidified my desire to … Continue reading Candidate Statements: Member-at-Large

Jack Carr Recognized for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Institutional Practice

We have recently been informed by the APA Board of Professional Affairs that John “Jack” Carr, PhD, ABPP has been awarded the 2016 APA Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Institutional Practice. This is a highly selective award recognizing outstanding practitioners in psychology. Dr. Carr is especially recognized for his long-standing contributions of psychology within medical centers. He was one of the early proponents and … Continue reading Jack Carr Recognized for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Institutional Practice

2016 Distinguished International Affiliates

In 2012, The Society for Health Psychology created a new category of achievement, Distinguished International Affiliate, to recognize the “Fellows-level” accomplishments of health psychologists around the world. This year, the Fellows Committee, chaired by Dr. Bert Uchino, is delighted to recognize the following international colleagues for their outstanding contributions: Denise de Ridder, PhD Department of Social Health and Organizational Psychology Utrecht University Dr. de Ridder’s research examines … Continue reading 2016 Distinguished International Affiliates

Pain Psychology Interest Group Proposal

Ravi Prasad, PhD The field of pain management has received increasing levels of attention in recent years. Psychology plays a significant role in the onset, maintenance, and exacerbation of pain conditions, and the prevalence of and demand for psychologists working in this arena has subsequently grown. Many psychologists are actively engaged in pain-related activities through national and international pain associations (e.g., American Pain Society [APS], … Continue reading Pain Psychology Interest Group Proposal


Towards Ethical Leadership in Psychology

Jared L. Skillings, PhD, ABPP Editor’s note: This article represent the views of the author alone and not those of APA or any group by which the author is employed or affiliated. In 2015 a bombshell was dropped inside the hallowed halls of professional psychology. But this was not terrorism, and it was no ordinary bomb. In fact, we not only gave permission for it, … Continue reading Towards Ethical Leadership in Psychology

Call for Society for Health Psychology Award Nominations

Outstanding Contributions to Health Psychology. The Society for Health Psychology (APA Division 38) gives four awards each year for outstanding contributions to the field. One goes to a “senior” researcher member (i.e., someone who received her or his terminal degree > 10 years ago); one goes to an “early career” researcher member (i.e., someone who earned his/her terminal degree within the past 10 years); one goes … Continue reading Call for Society for Health Psychology Award Nominations

Call for Applications: Health and Behavior International Collaborative Award

Announcing a call for applications for the 2016 Health and Behavior International Collaborative Award! This award is jointly sponsored by the Society for Health Psychology of the American Psychological Association and the International Society of Behavioral Medicine (ISBM). The purpose of the award is to facilitate a minimum of one week visit to an international laboratory or research group under the guidance of an identified international mentor. The proposed visit … Continue reading Call for Applications: Health and Behavior International Collaborative Award

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Congratulate Your Graduate

With the arrival of 2016, the Society for Health Psychology (SfHP) is pleased to announce the launch of a new membership initiative: “Congratulate your Graduate.” We believe newly-trained health psychologists should consider our Society as one of their primary professional communities. In support of this goal, our Membership Committee (Belinda Borrelli, Chair and Ashley Clawson, ECP Associate Chair) has helped to develop an initiative that … Continue reading Congratulate Your Graduate

Commentary on “Towards Ethical Leadership in Psychology”

Editor’s note: These remarks represent the authors’ views alone and not those of the Society for Health Psychology, American Psychological Association, Department of Veterans’ Affairs, or any other groups with which the authors are affiliated.   Implications for Early Career Professionals Julie Radico, PsyD, MS In the piece “Towards Ethical Leadership in Psychology,” Dr. Skillings continues the call for collaboration within the field of psychology … Continue reading Commentary on “Towards Ethical Leadership in Psychology”