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From the Student Council Representatives

Lisa Auster-Gussman, Chair
Jennifer Warnick, Chair-Elect
Megan Grigsby, Past Chair

This year has been an exciting one for the Society for Health Psychology Student Advisory Council (SAC), and we are looking forward to a number of new initiatives in the works for this year, a very important one. We are excited to celebrate the 38th anniversary year of Division 38! We look forward to contributing to the festivities throughout this year of celebration.

Last fall, we started the Campus Representative Program to increase the inclusion, engagement, and representation of graduate students from US programs with a focus in health psychology. Currently, there are more than 50 campus representatives from universities across the United States. Campus representatives communicate the benefits of membership in the Society for Health Psychology (SfHP) and updates about SfHP activities to students at their respective programs. Additionally, they host SfHP-sponsored events on their campuses each year. Some of the 22 events we sponsored this year were a three-part brown bag series on health psychology, a panel discussion on the intersection of health psychology and public health, and a breakfast panel on SfHP involvement and early career development. We expect this number to increase as the program becomes more established over the next year. As part of this maturation, the campus representatives will serve 1-year terms. Each August, current campus representatives will be asked to find other graduate students to assume the role for the coming year. We believe that setting these terms will take the burden off of individual students and help increase overall student involvement in the Society.

The list of campus representatives will be posted on the SfHP website. If you are interested in becoming a campus representative for your university, please email the Student Council at

Student Council programming at the 2015 APA Convention in Toronto was a success. We co-sponsored a symposium with Division 22 (Rehabilitation Psychology) and Division 40 (Neuropsychology), titled “Internship Prep Workshop for Rehabilitation, Health, and Neuropsychology Students.” The workshop included information about the match process, and students were able to participate in multiple small group discussions, including topics such as interviewing skills and CV content and formatting advice. Thank you to Drs. Lori Waxenberg and Justin Nash for representing SfHP at this event. At APA, we also hosted the annual Training Directors Meet and Greet. We would like to thank all the training directors who attended, and we look forward to seeing you all again next year! Additionally, we hosted a breakfast for our campus representatives to celebrate the first year of the program and get feedback regarding how to improve it in the future!

Our three committees, Membership, Communication, and Diversity, have been working hard. Our Membership Committee (Jessee Dietch and Marissa Alert) has been developing several projects aimed at helping the Society better understand student needs as well as forging collaborative projects and webinars with other divisions. At the Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) annual meeting in April, the Membership Committee hosted a table at the internship fair. They handed out SfHP materials (including copies of the student newsletter) and talked with students about the Society and participation options. The Membership Committee plans on continuing this activity at future SBM meetings. We also look forward to seeing how the collaboration between the SBM Student SIG and the SfHP SAC grows. To create more lasting and shareable recruitment materials, our Membership committee is also creating promotional videos for SAC. At this year’s APA Convention, they began filming short video clips on various topics such as student interviews about the benefits of SfHP membership.

Our Communication Committee (Kayloni Olson and Maisa Ziadni), has been increasing communication through our social media and listservs regarding SfHP activities and benefits of membership to students. This spring, along with two other SfHP student contributors, they created our first ever student newsletter. We are excited about this newsletter and hope that it will help keep students engaged and informed regarding SfHP. The committee plans to produce a fall edition later this year to update students on events at APA and the campus representative program. Finally, the Communication Committee has been working hard on creating material to help students better navigate the internship application process. This material will be available soon!

Our Diversity Committee (Matthew Jasinski and Amanda Marin-Chollom) recently started a project to highlight health psychologists with “diverse jobs” on the listserv and the SfHP website. They have been interviewing professionals with non-traditional careers to give students a sense of the diverse set of careers they can enter with their degree and training.

Lastly, a few of our Student Council members’ terms are about to end. We would like to thank them all for their time on Student Council and the work they have devoted to SfHP. Thank you to Kayloni Duff (Communication), Maisa Ziadni (Communication), Jessee Dietch (Membership), Amanda M. Marin-Chollom (Diversity), and Megan Grigsby (Past Student Council Chair)! This fall, Student Council will be looking for four new members to add to our committees: Membership (2-year term), Communication (2-year term), and Diversity (2-year term). Please look for the listserv announcement or contact us at the email below if you are interested in getting more involved in Student Council!

Also, to stay connected to the Society, be sure to like the Society for Health Psychology on Facebook ( and follow us on Twitter (@APADivision38).

As always, we welcome your ideas and suggestions. Please let us know your needs or ideas by emailing us at

Lisa Auster-Gussman