Member-at-Large Candidate Statements

Daniel Bruns, PhD

Daniel Bruns, PsyD

Healthcare in the United States is undergoing major changes. The endpoint of this reform process is not certain, nor is psychology’s ultimate role in healthcare delivery. As a health psychologist, I am convinced that the expertise of our profession will play a critically important role in developing the healthcare delivery systems of the future.

While I have served on the graduate faculty of the University of Northern Colorado in the past, and currently serve as a part-time clinical instructor for the University of Colorado Medical School Department of Family Medicine, I practice and conduct research full-time at the health psychology clinic that I have owned and operated for 28 years.

For the last seven years I have served on the Division 38 Board in two capacities, that of the Chair of the Clinical Services Health Council, and (currently) the Division 38 representative to the Interdivisional Healthcare Committee. In those capacities I was able to contribute to a variety of projects. These have included working with APA to develop 12 evidence-based briefing sheets that describe what psychology can offer in health care settings, address issues related to insurance reimbursement for health psychology services, and to explore methods of collaboration with other medical societies for guideline development and healthcare reform.

If elected I would look forward to the possibility of serving in a different capacity, which is being your representative on Division 38’s Board of Directors. Thank you for your support.


Tene T. Lewis, PhD

Tené T. Lewis, PhD

I am pleased to be nominated for Member-at-Large for Division 38.

I am currently an Associate Professor at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University and have been a proud member of Division 38 since graduate school. I received my PhD in Clinical Health Psychology from UCLA, interned at the University of Chicago, and completed postdoctoral training at Rush University Medical Center. I study health psychology at the population level, with an emphasis on understanding how psychological and social factors contribute to black-white disparities in cardiovascular disease for women. My work in this area was acknowledged by a Division 38 Outstanding Contributions to Health Psychology Award (Junior) in 2012.

I have held leadership positions in a number of national organizations including the American Psychosomatic Society (Council Member, Diversity Initiative Chair), the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (National Advisory Committee, Health and Society Scholars), the Ford Foundation (Regional Liaison), and the American Heart Association (Minorities Committee).

If elected to the Member-at-Large position, my overarching goal will be to build bridges between Division 38 and Divisions 45 (Ethnic Minority Psychology) and 35 (Psychology of Women). There are a number of faculty, clinicians, and trainees within these Divisions who also have strong interests in health psychology. Scientifically and clinically, stronger bridges between the three Divisions would marry sophisticated conceptual models on race/ethnicity and gender with innovative methodologies in health psychology, and would also further promote efforts towards training (and retaining) a diverse workforce in Division 38 and health psychology overall.