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From the Student Council Representatives

Megan Grigsby, Chair

Lisa Auster-Gussman, Chair-Elect

Stephanie Hooker, Past Chair


Many exciting things are happening within the Student Council!

New Members: We are pleased to welcome two new members to Student Advisory Council (SAC): Matthew Jasinski (Diversity) and Marissa Alert (Membership). To learn more about these new members and our current council members, please visit

SAC Committees: Our three committees, Communication, Membership, and Diversity, have been working hard. Our Communication committee is busy developing a Division 38 student-specific newsletter. Our Membership committee is working to create promotional videos for SAC. Our Diversity committee is working on a project that will highlight health psychologists with “diverse jobs.”

Campus Representative Program: This past fall, we started the Campus Representative Program to increase inclusion and engagement of students across graduate programs in psychology. We are excited to announce that there are currently representatives for 42 universities! Campus representatives communicate the benefits of Division 38 membership and updates about Division 38 activities to other students at their respective programs. Additionally, they will host a Division 38 sponsored event on their campus each year, which can be a brown bag or social event. To learn more about this program, find your campus representative, and/or apply to become the campus representative for your program, please go to:

Save the Date: The Student Council, along with Division 22 (Rehabilitation Psychology) and Division 40 (Neuropsychology), will be hosting a collaborative workshop at the 2015 APA Convention titled “Internship Prep Workshop for Rehabilitation, Health, and Neuropsychology Students.” The workshop will include a brief introductory presentation that will provide students with advice regarding the internship match process. Attendees will then choose 4-6 small groups, which they attend for approximately 20 minutes each. Small group topics will include topics such as: Q&A sessions focused on health psychology, mock interviewing, CV content and formatting advice, and peer mentorship with postdoctoral fellows. Drs. Lori Waxenberg and Justin Nash will be representing Division 38. We would love to see you there!!

Be on the Lookout: In the upcoming months, be on the lookout for information regarding a student-focused teleconference. SAC is currently working to develop a teleconference that will be relevant for the broad audience of Division 38 student members. Your campus representative will keep you updated on information regarding the teleconference. If you do not have a campus representative, consider applying to become one for your program and/or join the Division 38 Student listserv at

Stay Connected: Be sure to like Division 38 on Facebook ( and follow us on Twitter (@APADivision38).

As always, we welcome your ideas and suggestions. Please let us know your needs or ideas by emailing us at