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Andrea Bradford, PhD

Andrea Bradford, PhD
Andrea Bradford, PhD

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read our first electronic issue this spring! As of this writing, the new version of The Health Psychologist has had over 2000 page views generated from readers in 31 countries.

To be fair, it’s likely that some of these readers were not actual humans and others ended up here entirely on accident. Even so, I’m optimistic.

For the more analytically inclined, a WordPress site’s dashboard can be weirdly fascinating. My stats tell me when most people tend to read The Health Psychologist (mid-week) and how many separate pages the average visitor views (the home page plus one or two articles). I’ve learned that most of our readers are referred from the Division 38 website, but a fair number have come our way via search engines and social media. Though the urge to quantify and analyze is tempting, to try to make meaning from these stats is premature.

Rather than set out to beat the best-ever page view count in a single day (886, if anyone’s curious), my challenge remains more nuanced: to make The Health Psychologist alive and relevant to members of Division 38 and, perhaps, to potential future members as well.

To that end, I’m delighted to introduce with this edition a new recurring feature on mentoring. To replace the Member Spotlight feature of editions past, the Mentoring Spotlight will now highlight firsthand narratives from mentor-mentee pairs, particularly those who have been “matched” through the Health Psych Connections program. I hope this column will encourage those of you who have thought about participating in the program but are concerned about the time and commitment required. As Samara Serotkin explains in her summary, even a brief mentoring connection can have a meaningful influence when it is pursued with a particular goal in mind.

Mentoring is a crucial aspect of professional development, especially for emerging professionals who are from underrepresented groups. However, increasing the representation of diverse groups within our field will require more than the dedication of mentors. Please take a few minutes to read a special report from Sarah Mills and Jennifer Nguyen on the Division 38 Student Council’s efforts to facilitate a conversation about racial and ethnic diversity in health psychology.

Finally, with the APA Convention just a couple of short months away, you can be sure to find plenty of information in this edition to help make the most of your convention experience. I look forward to catching up with Division 38 friends and colleagues, and meeting new ones, this August in Washington, D.C. Please join me in congratulating Rick LaCaille on what promises to be a very stimulating program and Kevin Masters on his terrific leadership over the past year as President of Division 38.

Don’t forget to visit again this fall for more additions to the newsletter, including a new health policy feature in development. Meanwhile, as always, I’m eager to hear from you about how to make our division newsletter better. Please send your comments and feedback to Best wishes for a happy and healthy summer!





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