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Capitolio in Havana
Capitolio in Havana

APA is planning a third professional trip to Cuba for November 2014. The purpose of this trip, part of the APA International Learning Partner Program, is to lay the groundwork for sustained research and professional collaborations with Cuban colleagues in the area of health psychology.

Participants will arrive in Cuba for 1-2 days of orientation to the Cuban health care system, and will then attend PsicoHealth – the 7th International Conference on Health Psychology in Havana, November 12-14. Also planned are visits to the University of Havana and to the University of Santa Clara from November 15 to 18.

The formal announcement will be available in April 2014. The trip will be especially relevant for those interested in health psychology research, teaching, and curriculum development. In Cuba, which has developed an integrated, primary health care system, psychology is fully integrated with other health service areas in training, research, and practice.

Please send an expression of interest in this trip to and include “Cuba2014” in the subject line.

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