Member-at-Large Candidate Statements

Zeeshan Butt, PhD
Zeeshan Butt, PhD

Zeeshan Butt, PhD 

I hope to have the opportunity to serve you as a Division 38 Member-at-Large.

I am an Associate Professor of Medical Social Sciences and Surgery at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. In my clinical role, I provide psychological evaluation and treatment in our Comprehensive Transplant Center. My research focuses on patient reported outcomes in post-surgical recovery, with an eye towards improved care quality. (For more information on my professional background, including a link to my CV, please visit

My service to Division 38 began in late 2010, when I was appointed the first Chair of our Early Career Professionals’ Council (ECPC). In its first three years, thanks to the efforts of over 20 other early career members, we launched a regular newsletter column, a moderated listserv, and a podcast series. Additionally, we expanded the training/teleconference series, piloted a program of local networking events, and helped create a social media presence for the Division. The ECPC not only accomplished a lot in its early years, but also stoked a fire in my belly for professional service.

If elected to the Member-at-Large position, my overarching goal will be to help build lasting value of division membership for students, early career, and more experienced health psychologists. I believe this can be accomplished by listening to what members say they want and need and following through on strategic plans towards those goals. I’ve seen how that deceptively simple plan worked for the ECPC and hope to expand it as your Member-at-Large.

Richard Seime, PhD
Richard Seime, PhD

Richard Seime, PhD

I am pleased to be nominated as a candidate for Member-at-Large. I am a clinical health psychologist at Mayo Clinic Rochester, Psychology Director in the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology, and faculty member of our APA-accredited Clinical Health Psychology Postdoctoral Program. My professional activities relevant to clinical health psychology include representing Clinical Health on the Council of Specialties in Professional Psychology, serving on Board of Directors of the Council of Clinical Health Psychology Training Programs, and serving as current Vice President of the American Board of Clinical Health Psychology. I am a former President of the Association of Psychologists in Academic Health Centers and a former member and Chair of the APA Commission on Accreditation. I am a Fellow in Divisions 12 and 38 and Board Certified in Clinical Health and Clinical Psychology.

Division 38 is well positioned to provide leadership and resources to foster growth and assure that health psychology continues to thrive. I have particular interest in Division 38 taking the lead to develop the Clinical Health Psychology Synarchy which has a seat on the Council of Specialties in Professional Psychology (CoS). CoS represents and supports the development and functioning of recognized specialties. A synarchy consists of the professional groups and organizations that represent the major educational, training, and professional constituencies and stakeholders relevant to the particular specialty. A well-functioning clinical health psychology synarchy is critical to assure that the organizations with a stake in clinical health psychology are working together.

It would be a privilege to serve on the Board.

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