Council Representative Candidate Statements

Ronald H. Rozensky, PhD, ABPP
Ronald H. Rozensky, PhD, ABPP

Ronald H. Rozensky, PhD, ABPP

As a Fellow of Division 38 I would be honored to serve as your Representative on APA Council. In 2001 I co-chaired the APA Presidential Initiative that resulted in “health” being added to the APA Bylaws; long overdue recognition of the important topics and scientific, clinical, and educational activities of Division 38 members. I served on a U.S. Departmentof Health and Human Services Advisory Committee (2008 – 2011) that helped ensure inclusion of interprofessional healthcare in the Affordable Care Act. The year I chaired that federal committee our report to Congress focused on the importance of funding education and clinical services related “health behaviors” as a key component of healthcare reform. As APA embraces its focus on health with its new “Center for Psychology and Health,” it is important that Division 38 have strong voices advocating for health psychology as a science, a recognized healthcare specialty, and in educating our next generation of psychologists. As Past Chair of APA’s Boards of Educational Affairs and Professional Affairs and Commission for the Recognition of Specialties and Proficiencies in Professional Psychology, I am well versed in how APA’s governance system functions and how to move forward our Division’s agenda through APA. I have published five textbooks on health psychology, over seventy-five journal articles on health psychology and health policy, and chaired a department with APA accredited graduate and internship programs. Thus, I would be an experienced and strong representative for Division 38on APA Council. Thank you for your #1 vote.

Elizabeth A. Klonoff, PhD, ABPP
Elizabeth A. Klonoff, PhD, ABPP

Elizabeth A. Klonoff, PhD, ABPP

Despite my youthful appearance, I am the Co-DCT for the SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology. I recently completed a term as President of Division 38. During that time, the Division undertook a re-structuring and re-organizing process that has resulted in increased participation among the membership as well as increased efficiency. We began an effort to better “brand” and define the field of health psychology and clinical health psychology so that in discussions about integrated health care, “medical psychology,” and health care reform, we retain our distinctiveness and the value of our specialization. We redoubled our efforts to bring together the research and practice aspects of our field into an integrated whole. And the Division has been a leader in psychology becoming increasingly part of the Affordable Care Act. These same issues confront the larger APA organization as well. For 2014 I am filling a one-year replacement term on the APA Council of Representatives (COR). COR is in the process of deciding how much of the Good Governance Project recommendations to accept. APA also needs to take steps to reduce membership flight and ensure that the organization remains vibrant and relevant to students and early career colleagues. As someone who has worked at the Division level to bring about some of the same kind of changes that will need to be made in APA as a whole, I would be honored to represent health psychology as the overall organization confronts these issues.

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